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How it works

The staker pays the buy-in and get a percentage of the winnings. It is the staker who decides the percentage he wants in return

The flow of it

  1. The staker creates a stake
  2. Players apply and you chose who is getting staked by accepting that player
  3. Player accepts getting staked.
  4. Staker transfer money to one of the money transfer options the player have provided on his profile.
  5. Player register for the stake on the given pokersite according to the deal.
  6. Player and staker can communicate right here on get-staked
  7. When the stake has ended the player type in the result and get-staked calculates how much (if any) winnings needs to be transferred back to the staker
  8. Player transfers money to the staker
  9. The staker approves receiving the money transfer.
  10. Staker gets to rate the player on credibility and so on